Video: Denali Trip 2011

I may or may not write a series on my adventures backpacking in Denali National Park, but here is just a taste.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Video: Denali Trip 2011

  1. series outline:
    1) Gear Review
    2) Back Packing Food review (may or may not be incorporated with #1)
    3) Denali Wilderness 411
    4) Northern Lights
    5) Being a stranger in a strange land
    6) Halibut vs Rock Fish (have you seen Hillbilly Handfishing btw?) & Moose vs Beef
    7) Crossfit vs Denali
    8) What to do when someone talks to you about Marijuana
    9) Didn’t you hear me say, “there are two moose”?

      • You say “actually” like its a surprise… you could just say, “this is a good outline”. I have read that bears take condescension very personally. That could be number 10… how to deal with a sensitive bear.

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