Three Recent Sermons about the Spirit, the Church, and (of course) Jesus


1146167_601200084245_163955460_oI knew I’ve been remiss in posting here; but it blows me away that I haven’t posted anything since April! I’ve taken a several breaks from social media over the past three months, and so perhaps the best way to share what I’ve been thinking is to share my three most recent sermons:

The Spirit Poured Out (Acts 2): I’m not sure if it will come through on the recording, but I remember feeling a peculiar sense of empowerment during this sermon. This sermon wrestles with what it means to live between a past that we cannot change and a future we cannot control. The main idea is that the gift of the Spirit reframes our past, releases new possibilities for the future, and redirects us in the present.

No Other Name (Acts 4): This was a heavy sermon, preached the Sunday immediately following the shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police, and the Dallas attacks. It asks, in a broken world, what does the church have to say that no one else can say?  The sermon reflects on the sixth commandment (Thou shalt not kill) and draws from Rene Girard at the end.

The Clean and the Common (Acts 10): This sermon, preached last Sunday, was a mediation on the tensions of Christian community. It starts with my reflections on attending the CrossFit games, and is an exposition of the way the Holy Spirit challenges our categories, confronts our self-congratulation, and clears a path for encounter with Jesus. (Can you tell I like alliteration)?

Now that I’m preaching regularly again, I feel a deepened sense of both the weight of the word as well and the joy of the gospel. I deeply love to preach, and am thankful for the opportunity to do so at Grace Pasadena. I pray that those who take time to listen to any of the above will be blessed!

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