Justin Ariel Bailey

Professor / Theologian / Pastor

Assistant Professor of Theology
Dordt University

Justin Ariel Bailey works at the intersection of Christian theology, culture, and ministry. Having served as a pastor in a number of diverse settings, his work as a professor explores the ways that culture shapes the practice of Christian faith, as well as the ways that that Christian faith shapes culture care. He holds a PhD from Fuller Seminary, and his research seeks to bridge gaps between church and academy, and the formational spaces where they overlap. He is on the editorial board and is a regular contributor to the online journal In All Things, and has recently published articles in journals such as Christian Scholars Review and the International Journal of Public Theology.

His forthcoming book, Reimagining Apologetics (IVP Academic) will be published in October 2020.


When Words Fail: A Writer’s Confession

Writers write. Teachers teach. Preachers preach. The vocations are distinct, to be sure. Writers seek to say something authentic and true, to "speak what we feel, not what we ought to say." Teachers hope to meet students where they are, leading them along step-by step.…
June 1, 2020