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What Did You Make Today? Mandalorian Armor

By June 16, 2023No Comments

(I recently spoke at a conference for the Society for Classical Learning. My video didn’t work during the talk, so I am posting it here.)

I’ve learned something from my children’s play. We have a no screen-time rule on Sundays. And almost every Sunday my children make something: songs, plays, Lego masterpieces, 3D prints. In one case, my son made a suit of Mandalorian armor out of cardboard.

It led me to start asking them a question: what did you make today? That’s a question we can ask ourselves, too. The temptation in a world gone mad is to stand on the sidelines and point out the problems with everyone and everything. But there is an alternative to this: to criticize by creating. We can write songs, poems, and plays, make short films, record podcasts, start book clubs and prayer meetings. We can do our best to make beautiful things (be they ever so small), to create beautiful communities that bear witness to the good world that is to come.

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