Mudder Training: Day 19

By May 20, 2011No Comments

I was in Kansas for a couple of days, so my training fell off this week.  I decided to make up for it with a 5 mile run followed by a CrossFit WOD.  It was a perfect day for a run, about 75 degrees and sunny.  The first 3 miles felt great, but then one of my feet started to hurt a little.  I decided to push through it.

On the way back, I decided to run through a field of tall grass underneath some powerlines.  It was probably only about a half mile in total, but the high grass meant stepping quite a bit higher than usual.  It wore me out, and I ended up with dandelions in between my toes (running in my barefoot Vibrams).  Once I got to the end of the field I stopped and walked for about a minute before running the final stretch home.  I am starting to get some calluses on my feet.  And my calves are still tight after every run.

When I got back, I did a light CrossFit WOD:

21 bench press (95#)

21 pullups

15 bench

15 pullups

9 bench

9 pullups

I probably should have done more weight on the bench (went unbroken) but that is what was on the bar when I got back and I wanted to start right away.

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