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Justin Bailey

Professor / Theologian / Pastor

Associate Professor of Theology
Dordt University

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“Interpreting, Fast and Slow,” Plenary Address from the CACE Symposium in October 2021.

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Upcoming Dates

June 5, 12 – Grace Pasadena (Pasadena, CA)

June 15-18 – Society for Classical Learning Summer Conference (Dallas, TX)

July 6 – LIFE Alliance Youth Conference (Orlando , FL)

July 7-10 – Cascade Family Bible Camp (Seattle, WA)

August 7 – St. Thomas Reformed Church (St. Thomas, USVI)

Aug 29-31 – Redeemer University (Hamilton, ON)

Popular Speaking Topics

The role of imagination in Christian faith, discipleship, and witness

Imaginative apologetics and the beauty of faith in a secular age

Cultural engagement & discernment

The relationship of theology & culture


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Recent Talks

PsalmsTalks & Lectures

The Voice: Psalm 29 (devotional) This summer at Dordt, members of the theology department and campus ministries have been sharing devotionals in a series called "Hidden Gems," on texts that everyone may not know all that well. My contribution was on Psalm 29, a psalm that has helped me with…
August 19, 2020