Mudder Training: Day Fifteen

By May 16, 2011No Comments

Today was supposed to be my short run, so I followed my plan of doing cross-training in between my runs.  So I ran a mile, did a CrossFit WOD and then ran another mile.  The first mile was around 7:00, the second mile was around 9:00.  I wanted to push the pace on the second mile, but my stomach was hurting from the water I drank after the WOD.  Here’s the workout I did:

Four Rounds:

10 push press (95 lbs)

10 toes to bar (hang from the pullup bar and touch it with your toes)

20 pushups (hand release at the bottom)

20 situps

The push press is a huge weakness of mine, so that made it longer as the rounds went on.

In other news, my feet/legs are starting to feel very comfortable running in my Vibrams.  I think I will even wear them when I run my 10k in a couple of weeks.

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