A New Blog Plan for the New Year

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One of my resolutions for the new year was to have a better plan for this blog.  And so here are some things I’m working on right now, or at least some things to expect from me in 2012.  My goal is to:

1) Write more freely on non-fitness related topics.  One piece of advice that I received when I started the blog was to write for a specific audience.  Since the majority of hits on my site come from either people interested in CrossFit or Tough Mudder, “fitness-types” has been in large part the group I’ve been writing for.  This has, however, kept me from things that I felt wouldn’t be super interesting to those crowds.  So my new plan is to use this blog more broadly to write about things that are interesting to me, rather than writing for a specific audience.

2) Write more intentionally on matters of faith and ministry.  This is what I spend the bulk of my time thinking about, and so it makes sense that I would write about it more consistently.

3) Finish/Continue some of the series that I’ve started or promised to start, notably: Denali Trip, Life Story, What is Success, and Balancing Family and Ministry.

4) Write at least two posts per week.  Here’s one (ha ha)!  I have returned to school for another Master’s degree, which means that I have less time to write, but also more things to think about/process.  So we’ll see how this goes…

Question: Anyone still out there? Anything you’d like to me to write about?

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