Mudder Training: Day One

By May 3, 2011No Comments

Though not that interesting to most of my readers, I have decided to log my training routine on the road to the Tough Mudder event in July.

I put myself on the Runner’s World half-marathon schedule, which called for only 2 miles on the first run of the week.  So I ran 2 miles in my Sauconys.  Not nearly as enjoyable as running in my Vibrams. I was very conflicted about which shoes to run in, but I am seriously thinking of switching back to my Vibrams.

Then I did 4 rounds of this WOD:

15 ring rows

15 weighted pushups (25 lb. plate on my back)

15 squats (165 lbs.)

The original workout called for bench press and heavier squats, but I am limited in my bar and plates.  I didn’t want to keep putting weight on and taking it off and moving the bench back into place.

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