Bitterness and Blessing – Ruth 1

The story of Ruth is a story of return, reversal, and renewal, of blessing that comes through bitterness, of unexpected kindness and unreserved loyalty. It teaches us that even in the times of emptiness, when prayers seem to fall lifeless to the ground, when it…
May 6, 2017

Spirit Poured Out – Acts 2

The gift of the Holy Spirit profoundly shapes the way we see ourselves, the way we see our church, and the way we see the story of the world. Jesus pours out the Holy Spirit on the church, evoking our wonder and empowering our witness.…
June 16, 2016

Passivity and Participation – Jonah 1

Familiarity doesn’t just breed contempt; familiarity can breed passivity. And we can become so familiar with cherished biblical narratives that we are inoculated against their power. When this happens, we lose our spiritual fitness and begin to suffer from a condition we might call spiritual…
January 3, 2016