Mudder Training: Day Ten

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The Tough Mudder is a 10-mile course broken up with 20 military grade obstacles.  This means that simply being able to run for 90 minutes won’t be enough.  More realistically, I am expecting shorter intervals of at most a mile at a time in between the obstacles.  I decided that I need to schedule obstacles into my shorter runs.

Since today was a shorter run (2-3 miles), I found a park that was about 1.5 miles away and ran there.

I went up and over this (about 6.5′) 10 times.

I went across the monkey bars 8 times. That was pretty hard actually.  It used to be so easy when I was a kid!

I fooled around on the chain bridge (I did something like leg raises).

I did 50 chest to ground pushups.

Then I ran back.

The run back (less than 1.5 mi) was one of the hardest runs I’ve had so far.  Maybe it was the tired muscles from the obstacles, or maybe it was the 90 degree temperature.  But I wanted to quit.  I had to keep telling myself, “stopping is not an option”.

I made it, dumped my water bottle on my head, and then took an ice cold shower.

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