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I wrote a short spoken word poem today during morning prayer and thought I would share it. Since it is spoken word, I made a quick recording. Enjoy!


Man is the only animal that blushes, says Twain.
Or needs to.
The crown of divine creativity – humanity
Made in God’s image to walk with God in unity
Yet deceived, deluded, dissuaded and thus unable to walk,
only to crawl like the snake on its belly
In the dust; taken from dust, destined for dust
and so is it any wonder that “my soul clings to the dust”?
Yet grace intervenes; sudden judgment does not come
and even expulsion is mercy.
The hand we were mean to hold continues to direct, uphold and unfold
the purpose to bring us from garden to garden-city
Where creativities human and divine kiss in the cultivation of godly culture
– the New Jerusalem – not made by human hands yet taken from human hearts
and integrated into the blueprint.
Where blushing abounds, in breaks Grace
His face is lovely.
And he stretches out his hand – riven still –
to give us life according to his word.

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