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This summer at Dordt, members of the theology department and campus ministries have been sharing devotionals in a series called “Hidden Gems,” on texts that everyone may not know all that well. My contribution was on Psalm 29, a psalm that has helped me with the question, “why doesn’t God’s word affect me the way it should?” 

It was tough to cut my material down to seven minutes. If I had two extra minutes, I would have also shared how Psalm 29 bridges the gap between the fear of God’s silence in Psalm 28 and the joy at God’s presence in Psalm 30. What makes all the difference, in Psalm 29, is God’s voice. Alas, one can’t do say everything when the text is so rich! 

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  • Esperanza F. Garcia says:

    Indeed– must be in each person’s state of spiritual condition or need
    Personally when I take the scripture into myr hands as in Help yourself and He will help you
    At times it runs in contrast with Thy Will Be Done
    Makes me feel like no matter how I try if He says no it won’t happen as I thought it would

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