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The 30 Coolest Places I’ve Been (2): Domestic

By April 18, 2011No Comments

In my thirty years, I’ve been to something like 33 of the 50 states.  I need to hit the Northeast, Alaska and Hawaii to make 50 states by age 50.  But these are my favorite places so far.

11. Chicago, 1999-2005 – This is the magical city where I was able to live for six years before having to move to the suburbs.  My wife and I fell in love here.  How can you not love Chicago?

12. San Francisco, 2010 – San Francisco gets my vote for the coolest city in America not named Chicago.

13. The Pacific Northwest  1998 & 1999 – Seattle was my favorite city before I went to San Fran last year.  But forget the city, the Pacific Northwest rules. Probably the most beautiful place in America I’ve seen.

14. Coronado Beach, San Diego, 1993 – Best beach I’ve been to in the States, in the place with the best weather anywhere in the world.

15. Sequoia National Park, 1990 – I went here as a kid and was absolutely astounded at what I saw.  That’s what happens when you grow up in Kansas.  But I think these trees will astound anyone. My favorite national park.

16. Zion National Park, 2007 – Melissa and I went here for an anniversary vacation before we had kids.  If you go, you must hike “The Narrows”.

17. Yellowstone National Park, 2002 – I was only able to visit Yellowstone for a few hours, but it was long enough to see Old Faithful erupt.

18. The Grand Canyon, 1999 & 2007 – The south rim has the best views, but too many people.  The western rim is where it’s at.  We even got to take a helicopter ride into the canyon.

19. Blue Ridge Mountains, 2003 – This is where Melissa and I honeymooned back in 2003.

20. Hoover Dam & Lake Mead, 2007 – It would have been even more impressive if I had known that the government had secretly hidden the leader of the Decepticons there.

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  • Rubin Lee says:

    wow cool places 😀 i dont know most of them but il be sure to check out the beach with my family if i get an opportunity too! yellowstone is fantastic. I’ve visted as a child. nice pictures 🙂

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