Mudder Training, Days 31-33

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After the 10k on Sunday morning, I took two days off for rest.  Part of this was because I went swimming on Sunday and pulled a muscle in my foot somehow.  So I wanted to make sure I took it easy.

Wednesday I was kind of moping arguing with myself about working out so I decided that to get myself in gear I would do Fran, a hallmark CrossFit workout, a workout I used to do all the time but that I hadn’t done in months.  It goes like this:

21 thrusters (95 lb.), 21 pullups, 15 thrusters, 15 pullups, 9 thrusters, 9 pullups.

I came out strong but hit a wall during the set of 15. I rested too much and ended up with a time of 8:30.  I want to be 2-3 minutes faster.

Yesterday I worked out with my friend Josh Jalandoon.  Here’s what we did:

1. Heavy clean and jerks, working up to a 1RM. I’m stuck at 185.  I can clean 205, but can’t lock it out over my head.

2. Metcon:

Run 800 meters

50 front squats (#95)

50 double unders

50 box jumps (22″)

50 ring pushups

50 toes to bar

Run 800 meters

The toes to bar took forever.  Ended up at about 20:00 for the workout.

Today, I went in to my box because they were doing the CrossFit total.  Basically you max out in deadlifts, backsquat and shoulder press, and add those numbers together.  I felt great, and PR’ed everything, though I feel like I can lift even heavier given some time. Here are my numbers:

Age: 30

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 160

Deadlift: 360 lbs

Backsquat: 275 lbs (I know I can do better than this!)

Shoulder Press: 155 lbs

CrossFit Total: 790

Just missed 800! My goal is to DL 400, Squat 325 and Press 175. I’ll try it again at the end of the summer and see where I stand!


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