What I’m Reading: June 2011

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1) The Modern Scholar: Philosophy of Religion by Peter Kreeft.  I am teaching a class this summer on philosophy of religion at my church, and this is my primary text.  Kreeft is a philosopher (at Boston College) whose favorite thinkers are Jesus, Socrates, Aquinas, Lewis and Tolkien.  That’s a pretty good list.

2) The Pose Method of Running by Nicholas Romanov.  I got turned onto Dr. Romanov through a couple of videos on the CrossFit main site.  Romanov argues that running is universally practiced but almost never taught as a skill.  With the advent of modern (padded) running shoes, most people have horrifically bad running technique that lead to injuries. Even switching to minimalistic shoes (like I have) doesn’t cause you to un-learn bad technique and leaves you susceptible to injury.  So maybe instead of just changing my shoes I should work on my technique.  That’s why I ordered this book.

3) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.  Actually listening to this as an Audiobook.  It is narrated by the inimitable Jim Dale: I don’t know how he keeps the voices straight.  A very enjoyable experience of a great story where the world is saved by courage, sacrifice and friendship.  And the movie is coming out in July, duh.

4) Summer Wakes the Bear Who Sleeps by Aaron Youngren.  My sister and brother-in-law loaned this book to me.  It is a book of poetry, fairy tale, one act plays all surrounding a few common themes.  Reading it evokes a bit of Chesterton, at least the sense that the writer is much more brilliant than I am and is seeing things that are shocking and  beautiful and trying to help me see them too.

5) The Book of Isaiah by Isaiah.  I am taking this slowly, reading one chapter a day.  It’s amazing that a book written thousands of years ago still speaks so powerfully to my life.  Today I read about how much God hates religion when it doesn’t lead to personal integrity and public justice.  Something I need to hear.

Question: What are you reading?

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