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The 30 Most Important Truths I’ve Learned/Experienced (3): Life

By April 15, 2011No Comments

20. Life is about relationships, and loving well is the goal.

21. Love in action is very different than love in dreams. Love is commitment, self-giving and sacrifice, not “warm fuzzes”.

22. Real life is found not in taking but in giving it away.  The more willing you are to give yourself, the more you will find real life.  There is a real cost, a real sacrifice, but the joy far surpasses the suffering.

23. Everyone is fighting a battle.  Everyone is insecure; everyone is trying to justify themselves some way or another.  It won’t work, and that’s why everyone needs the gospel.  Knowing this makes people less intimidating, no matter how put together they might seem.  It also leads to a response of compassion.

24. Character formation and transformation is the point of almost everything that happens to me.  This is true in every story worth telling, including the story of my life. If the character doesn’t change, what is the point of the story? It also means that if I want to change my character, I have to change the story.

25. The small choices in life matter because they shape my character. Thoughts become words become actions become habits become character becomes destiny.  This means that intentionality is key in every area of life.

26. You can’t live a life that is safe and a life that is brave at the same time.

27. Prayer is one of the hardest things for me to do, but the most satisfying thing when I do it.

28. The best gift I can give to my kids is a great marriage. This means I focus on loving my wife well first and taking care of my kids second.

29. Taking care of my body is essential.  Being healthy increases my capacity to enjoy life and to serve others.

30. It’s not how much you know but what you do with what you know that matters.


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